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TypeScript, JSX, Tailwind

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15h of video content

3 weeks, 5h per week

Leading brands demand websites and digital storefronts that capture attention in milliseconds: fast and personalized experiences.

...Yet, the supply of developers equipped to deliver these needs lags far behind.

Slow Performance

Achieving near-instantaneous load times remains a demanding challenge, critical for user retention.

Hard to Personalize

Tailoring content to resonate with each visitor's unique preferences is a nuanced art few have mastered.

Poor Collaboration

Developers rarely build websites that enable marketing teams and other stakeholders to manage and update with ease.

Overwhelming Choices

Selecting the right stack from an ever-expanding arsenal is daunting yet essential for high-performance outcomes.

Skill Upgradation

Staying current with the evolving web development landscape is hard without a clear direction or mentorship.

Integration Overload

Merging various platforms and tools into a cohesive system is complex, often hindering developer productivity.

This masterclass is meticulously designed to bridge this gap.

By the end of the course...

You'll launch top-tier websites and headless storefronts with unmatched speed.

You'll create scalable, highly personalized digital experiences.

You'll enhance team collaboration, simplifying site updates for non-dev roles.

You'll confidently manage live sites with's robust monitoring suite.

You'll emerge as a forward-thinking developer, equipped for the web's evolution.

You'll expertly tackle and debug real-world project challenges.

Learn about the latest trends in

web development


The Post-AI Web Builder

Real-life Flawless Implementation

High-Performance Digital Experience

Wrapping Up!

How it works

Watch Pre-Recorded Video Classes

Every week day we will launch a new video (60 min long), you can watch by yourself or join our watch party at 6pm.

Do your Homework Exercises

Learn by doing. By the end of every video you will also get a suggestion of an exercise to help you consolidate your learnings.

Join Live Coding Sessions With Mentors

Right after the watch party, the respective mentor will host a live coding session that showcases the next proposed exercise.

Submit your Work and Become a Certified Partner

At the end of decoCamp, you can choose to submit the work done and get certified.  

Meet Your Next Mentors

Matheus Gaudêncio

Matheus Gaudêncio

Software Engineer at

As the founding software engineer at, Gaudencio has spearheaded educational initiatives and provided crucial support. Prior to this role, he served as a licensed computer science teacher at UFCG, where he took on responsibilities for chairs in web development and infrastructure. Additionally, Gaudencio led Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects with industry giants like Lenovo and VTEX. With a decade-long tenure at UFCG, Matheus impacted the lives of over 1000 students.

Tiago Gimenes

Tiago Gimenes

Software Engineer at

Tiago is a software developer with a solid academic background, having graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and obtained a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from HKUST. Over the past six years, he has dedicated his expertise to web development and optimizing frontend performance at leading ecommerce solutions. His journey reflects a commitment to staying updated with technological advances, enabling him to navigate the dynamic field of software development.

Luciano Junior

Luciano Junior

Co-Founder and CTO at

Luciano Júnior, a.k.a Lucis, has been coding since he was 7 and is passionate about creating simple solutions of make people's lives better. He is an advocate of the Web and has experience in building multi-tenant scalable applications, especially with his favorite language: Typescript. Lucis is also passionate about education, having mentored and lectured in his area since his college degree in Computer Science at UFCG. He follows the mantra "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".


Héricles Emanuel

Software Engineer at

Héricles is a software engineer dedicated to enhancing user experiences through UI/UX development, styling, and web animations. Grounded in a solid foundation from UFCG, he infuses his work with a blend of technical expertise and creative innovation. Over the past few years, he has also been actively involved in contributing to and maintaining open-source projects across various computer science fields while remaining committed to crafting visually captivating designs that not only meet functional needs but also inspire and delight users.

Guilherme Rodrigues

Guilherme Rodrigues

Co-Founder and CEO at

Guilherme Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of, is a distinguished software engineer with a robust background in computer science from PUC-Rio. His innovative work includes pioneering one of Brazil's first taxi apps and making significant contributions to the growth of VTEX, enhancing e-commerce across Latin America. Guilherme is dedicated to nurturing the next wave of tech talent, using his extensive experience to foster innovation and drive excellence in web development.

A picture of Viktor Marinho

Viktor Marinho

Software Engineer at

Viktor is a software developer with a passion for crafting innovative solutions to complex problems. Commited to continuous learning and improvement, he is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends, always seeking opportunities to apply those cutting-edge tools to real-world problems.

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What's is the web builder for the Post-AI era. It is a modern alternative to WordPress built with TypeScript, React and Tailwind

Do you have group discounts?

Absolutely, if you intent to enroll more than 5 students from the same company, please reach out.

What are the pre-requisites for enrolling?

You should know React or a similar component-based framework. Desirably you also know TypeScript and Tailwind.

How long does it takes to get my certification?

After submitting your final PR, we will take 10-15 business days to review it.

What will I be able to build after decoCamp?

You will have all tools and methods needed to create a fully integrated, high-performance digital experience such as stores already powered by

Can I have access to the content without getting certified?

Sure thing! You can choose between a regular student and get access only to the content or becoming an Official Certified Partner.

In which language is decoCamp taught?

Currently, is held in both Portuguese and English.

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