What is deco.cx

The Old Web is broken, complicated and fragmented.

For the last 10 years, our team built high-volume, mission-critical websites and applications. We tested out most new frameworks and frontend architectures from KnockoutJS to React to GraphQL. Reflecting on our challenges and results, we believe the current state of web development is broken:

🧩 The complexity to build and deploy a web application has grown steadily, discouraging junior developers from building the web.

πŸ˜“ Developers and content creators often struggle to collaborate because the Headless CMS becomes a silo, requiring a lot of time to integrate and evolve;

🐒 Client-side-first apps have terrible performance for high-volume, content-driven websites like ecommerce storefronts, shipping ever-growing amounts of JavaScript code.

We wanted a simpler way for web developers to build and collaborate with their marketing peers, using modern web technologies, and without having to configure so much stuff. "No-code" is not enough, and often removes power from developers. We wanted to have one environment from code to content to data. We wanted to build the other side of code, a collaborative experience builder for developers and content creators to work together in.

Making webdev straightforward for teams of all sizes

That's why we created deco.cx: a complete webdev platform for developers and content teams to build collaborative experiences together. Developers write components and functions using Deno, JSX, HTMX, TypeScript, and Tailwind. We automatically generate a beautiful, visual admin UI from the TypeScript code!

Forget the costly and complex setup of a Headless CMS, or the inflexible structure of a no-code prison. deco.cx offers a seamless solution, making webdev straightforward for teams of all sizes:

πŸ”§ Localhost or web-based code editor with real-time visual content previews

πŸ“ Automatic conversion from TypeScript code to Content Schemas

πŸ‘₯ Realtime collaboration and Git-based release history with easy rollback

πŸ€– Decopilot, our AI assistant for code and content creation

🌍 Global and page-specific SEO editor

🎨 Customizable Theme editor using Tailwind and DaisyUI (import with AI!)

🏒 Enterprise-grade features, including full control over release cycles, role-based permissions, real-time web analytics with Plausible, and error monitoring with HyperDX.

Why choose deco.cx

From code to collaborative content β€” build your own bespoke no-code solution

Dealing with ”content type” editors is a PITA. With deco.cx, you just write React (JSX) components with TypeScript and we automatically generate a no-code editor that matches your Props.

TS to props

Powerful bundle: realtime analytics and observability out of the box

Setting up your observability and analytics stack can be devastating. Deco comes with comprehensive tools that enables anyone to check error logs, tracing and metrics for total control.

TS to props

Ultra lightweight SSR JSX + HTMX tailwind based component library

We carefully chosen a stack that prioritizes performance without sacrificing simplicity. Our stack includes technologies like htmx, which allows for seamless and efficient communication between the client and server.

TS to props

Community, learning and Get Site Done

Next steps!

  • Getting started: Take your first steps with deco! Learn about our CMS and the basic concepts.
  • Developing Guide: Learn how to program your site using our framework.
  • CMS Capabilities: Explore what our CMS can do beyond the basics.
  • Dev Capabilities: Find references to implement advanced functionality in our framework.
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